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Wanky Balls: Mea Culpa

This makes me look a bit stupid, but what the hell. A bit of levity wouldn’t go amiss this week, as dozens of us prepare to say goodbye to The Independent.

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Magic Mountain

Fifteen years after their father’s death in an avalanche, the writer and his brother return to his favourite slopes

How the ‘Tatler Tory’ tried to take over the City of London

The year was 2013. London’s financial district was traumatised by the Occupy protest. This was the time to seize control of the area’s governing body and impose a true right-wing believer at its head. And so the man at the centre of the Tory bullying set to work. Simon Usborne reports

The stolen life of a milk-carton kid

Sarah-Cecilie Finkelstein was 13 when she saw her own picture on a missing persons ad. Shocked, she came to realise that she had been abducted by her father as a toddler. Thirty years later, she and her mother are reunited and their story is being told in a new film. Simon Usborne meets the women who missed so much.

The Forgotten 37

It was one of the biggest mass murders in our history, but few remember the Denmark Place arson, or even cared at the time. On the 35th anniversary, with builders moving in, some still want answers – and a memorial. Simon Usborne reports

Breakfast at Smithfield

London’s centuries-old meat market has a dawn food and drink scene that defies all convention. Simon Usborne journey into an upside-down world where your 8am fry-up comes with a pint of stout.

My Hour of Reckoning

As Sir Bradley Wiggins attempts to smash the hour record – our man takes on the world’s toughest track challenge

The Purple Pimpernel

He lives in a moated manor, is married to a society milliner, runs a magazine for the super-rich, and says you can’t get the staff these days. Simon Usborne goes on the campaign trail with William Cash

Tulip Siddiq: Fighting for Britain’s most marginal seat in the shadow of tragedy

Her aunt is Prime Minister of Bangladesh – but it is Glenda Jackson’s shoes that she aims to fill, as the Labour candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn. Simon Usborne reports

A death in Kensington

When a homeless man’s body was found, impaled on a fence in one of the richest corners of London, the city barely flinched. Simon Usborne tells his story